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Profesorul Shafir va prezida un colocviu despre populismul în Estul Europei

de Sorin Adam Matei

Publicat la 12-01-2011 | 0 comentarii

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Profesorul Shafir va prezida acest colocviu la întâlnirea organizației European Consortium for Political Research. Propuneri de lucrări pot fi încă trimise prin intermediul sitului conferinței ECPR. Acesast se va ține în Islanda, la vară, august 25-27.

In the last twenty years, transition in Central and Eastern Europe has proved to be more problematic that expected by analysts in the early 1990s. After two rather short periods of democratic enthusiasm and institutional consolidation, virtually all the countries in the region have been confronted to various shapes and degrees of populism. Our panel will try to identify the specificity of Central and Eastern European Neo-Populism by answering to series of questions such as: – How can one define Populism and determine the differences between Populism and Neo-Populism? – Is Central and Eastern Europe a more suitable framework for the development of Neo-Populism (like Latin America was in the 1960s?) – What are the main peculiarities of this region’s Populism? – Is there, in fact, a rather unitary phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe or do we deal with a series of divergent phenomena? – How are Central and Eastern Europe (Neo-)Populism(s) connected to their Western European, Latin American, Eastern Asian or Western African counter-parts? Copy-paste or redrawing? – What are the main connections between regional Populism and Nationalism, Nationalist and Internationalist Communism, Fascism, Anti-Semitism, Racism, “Autarchism” and other “-isms” abundantly present in Central and Eastern Europe? Panel applicants are expected to deal with specific issues under the general frame of these topics in a precise, coherent and concise manner.

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Profesorul Shafir va prezida un colocviu despre populismul în Estul Europei, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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